Maureen Martineau


Detective Surprenant : La fille aux yeux de pierre

Inspired by the detective novels of Jean Lemieux, the “Detective Surprenant” series is directed by Yannick Savard and co-scripted by Marie-Ève ​​Bourassa and Maureen Martineau. This television production by Version 10 was released in 2023.


Interview with Radio-Canada for the show Bon pied, bonne heure!

les enfants de Godmann

"A successful investigation across the board... Les enfants de Godmann has everything to please fans of the genre: a critique inspired by real events that navigates between past and present, a link with current events coupled with an incursion into social reality of the region, as well as a heroine whose personal life complexities only make her more endearing. "

Laila Maalouf

La Presse, October 15, 2022

New Novel

Les enfants de Godmann

Release date: September 12, 2022

Gatineau, February 24, 2020. In a room at the Hull Hospital while in the middle of a work-to-rule strike, an elderly patient, Doctor Viktor Godmann, is found dead in suspicious circumstances. Family drama, revenge, medical crime? The hypotheses that are emerging to explain his death are more than worrying.

When you have been dispossessed of everything, you have nothing left to lose.